Raymond D. Murphy graduated from university in 2001 having already set up a creative office with two colleagues in the last year of his bachelor’s degree. His persistence and hard work was recognized and resulted in his invitation to another start-up business later in 2003.

Raymond’s eagerness to embrace new things and experiences led him to follow his dream of designing in Tokyo, Japan. As a means of further understanding the background and history of Japan Raymond set off to teach English in a remote part of southern Japan. In doing so he was able to reflect on his own creativity and the methods to employ it while understanding what it meant to truly communicate.

With newly acquired skills and abilities Raymond moved to Tokyo becoming Team Leader in the international environment of Nichiai Creative in August 2007. Since reaching the post of Art Director he has been instrumental in the streamlining and general improvement of processes both internally and externally, the selection and training of remarkable designers and staff, and making huge strides forward in the business’ reputation.

Raymond is known to his many friends, acquaintances and clients as an active and passionate designer with obvious talent.


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